Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dear Bayley

Dear Bayley,

It is hard to believe that you are already 11 years old.  It really does seem like just yesterday that your dad and I were bringing you home from the hospital.  You have been so much fun since day one.  You were a smiley baby who never met a stranger.  In fact, sometimes you treated your mom like a stranger if that meant getting something you wanted.  You were very precocious and into everything.  You definitely keep us on our toes.  You were not so excited about sharing your mom and dad with you sisters and brother, but I think you have warmed up to the idea and you are a great example to all of them.  You are extremely bright and have a great learning connection with your dad.  You and him can sit and talk about the scriptures for hours.  You are a READER in every sense of the word and love a good book.   This year you decided to give up dancing after 8 years and pursue swimming.  You have a great natural ability to swim and it is fun to watch you move so effortlessly through the water.  You still love to experiment in the kitchen and definitely have a LOVE of food.  You could eat all day long if the right food is offered and have a never-ending sweet tooth.  You have grown a TON the last 2 years, 9 inches to be exact, and are maturing into a beautiful young women.  You stand 5 feet 7 inches, weigh 105 pounds, and wear a size 9 shoe.  You decided to give band a try in school and you are playing the french horn.  You also continue to play the piano and you are looking forward to learning some classical pieces this year.  We are so proud of you and who you continue to become.  We love you and are so glad you are part of our family.


 Bayley loves cotton candy and eating at Golden Corral
 Bayley first day of school 6th grade.  Bayley is on the Math Team this year (an invitation only team).
 Bayley had another baking birthday party for her birthday this year.
 Bayley on the block!
Bayley's favorite swim stroke is the breast stroke.
Bayley's birthday was over a month ago, but I've decided if I don't do anything else on the blog this year I will at least highlight the kids birthdays and record a little of what they are like and doing this year. 


Vanessa said...

Hi Alisha! Oh my gosh Bayley has grown so much. I shouldnt be surprised since my kids have done the same thing haha. This was a fun letter idea...Ian turns 12 next month. So hard to believe!

Caroline said...

That's awesome that she has taken up swimming. She's so tall and slim. Perfect build for a swimmer. Its so weird to me that you have a 6 grader!