Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dear Bayley

Dear Bayley,

It is hard to believe that you are already 11 years old.  It really does seem like just yesterday that your dad and I were bringing you home from the hospital.  You have been so much fun since day one.  You were a smiley baby who never met a stranger.  In fact, sometimes you treated your mom like a stranger if that meant getting something you wanted.  You were very precocious and into everything.  You definitely keep us on our toes.  You were not so excited about sharing your mom and dad with you sisters and brother, but I think you have warmed up to the idea and you are a great example to all of them.  You are extremely bright and have a great learning connection with your dad.  You and him can sit and talk about the scriptures for hours.  You are a READER in every sense of the word and love a good book.   This year you decided to give up dancing after 8 years and pursue swimming.  You have a great natural ability to swim and it is fun to watch you move so effortlessly through the water.  You still love to experiment in the kitchen and definitely have a LOVE of food.  You could eat all day long if the right food is offered and have a never-ending sweet tooth.  You have grown a TON the last 2 years, 9 inches to be exact, and are maturing into a beautiful young women.  You stand 5 feet 7 inches, weigh 105 pounds, and wear a size 9 shoe.  You decided to give band a try in school and you are playing the french horn.  You also continue to play the piano and you are looking forward to learning some classical pieces this year.  We are so proud of you and who you continue to become.  We love you and are so glad you are part of our family.


 Bayley loves cotton candy and eating at Golden Corral
 Bayley first day of school 6th grade.  Bayley is on the Math Team this year (an invitation only team).
 Bayley had another baking birthday party for her birthday this year.
 Bayley on the block!
Bayley's favorite swim stroke is the breast stroke.
Bayley's birthday was over a month ago, but I've decided if I don't do anything else on the blog this year I will at least highlight the kids birthdays and record a little of what they are like and doing this year. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trey Turns 6 years old!

So the whole summer has passed by without even one blog. Kendal's birthday was the last blogging occasion and so that Trey doesn't feel left out I had better highlight the day of his birth as well. Trey was so excited about his birthday that he asked for months when the day would finally arrive. We counted down for months, so when the day actually came he was beyond thrilled. We started his birthday out just like we did last year, with breakfast in bed (Krispy Kreme donuts and milk).

After breakfast we headed to the mall and hit his favorite spots including Build-a-Bear, Chick-fil-a, and the lego store. He was lucky enough to have his Grandma Nancy here with him for his special day. His birthday actually hit on a Friday, which made it the perfect day to hold his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. He loves that place! He was able to have 5 boys from his primary class come and celebrate with him as well as his family. He had a great time. The next day we continued his birthday weekend by heading over to the lake to spend a day with Grandma and Grandpa "G". We played on the tubes, tried water skiing, went to the pool, ate awesome food and had more birthday cupcakes all in a fun-filled afternoon.
Here is a little bit more about who Trey is at 6 years old:
* Trey played basketball and baseball and enjoyed both this last year. He made great improvements over the year before and was this year a contributor for his teams. This fall he will be swimming on the swim team and is a little nervous but excited. He loves swimming, but is not confident in how good of a swimmer he really is.
* Trey loves to tease his little sister Adison and loves being right in the middle of what his two older sisters, Bayley and Kendal are doing. He sometimes feels like the odd man out, but for the most part just goes with the flow. He tries to be a good boy most of the time and like most boys has selective hearing at times.
* Trey is SO excited to be starting school this year. He is already reading and picks up on most concepts very quickly. We met his new teacher last week and she seems young and very sweet. He should have a great year!
* Trey still takes his hair very seriously and is excited that it is finally growing out. It is starting to lay down again after sticking straight up for the last couple of months after I buzzed it. All I have to say is that his hair looks crazy and you will find him in front of the mirror fixing it back right.
* We love our little man and it is so fun watching him grow up! Hard to believe that he is already 6 years old. Seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home to our home in Kentucky, while at the same time Kentucky seems like forever ago.
Trey master kneeboarding this summer and LOVES it!
Trey loved his time at the beach in May.
Ready to hit.
Birthday boy with Grandma Nancy at Chuck E Cheese!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kendal's Baptism

Kendal's Family at her Baptism April 14, 2012
Kendal and Grandpa and Grandma "G"
Kendal and Grandma Nancy and Papa Rick
Kendal with Grandpa Daryl and Grandma Terri
Kendal and Daddy

I've put off blogging as long as possible, but I would be totally remiss if I didn't document Kendal's 8th birthday and baptism. Turning 8 around here is a big deal. Not only is it another birthday, but our kids reach the age of accountability. That means that have the opportunity to choose to get baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Kendal has been looking forward for months. She has talked about planning her party, her baptism and getting her ears pierced.

Last weekend was her actual birthday. We started the morning with donuts and milk, the breakfast of choice on your birthday around here. We sent her off to school and Trey, Adison and I met her for lunch. She brought iced sugar cookies to share with her class and celebrated all day at school. Grandma "G" was on spring break and made the quick trip from Georgia to see Kendal on her birthday. After Kendal got home from school we headed out to get her ears pierced. She loves getting made up and bling is definitely her thing so she was really excited about getting holes put in her ears. She picked out rainbow earrings and as the workers pierced both ears at one time she didn't even flinch. In fact, she said is that all! SO KENDAL!!! She cracked me up as we walked out everyone she saw she made sure that they new she had just gotten her ears pierced. After getting her ears pierced we headed off to softball practice. She was sung to by the team and made sure to show off her earrings and then it was off to her party!!! Her choice again this year was Chuck E. Cheese. She loves the pizza, the games, and the ticket blaster. She had a great time and headed home beat!!!

The following day she had another busy day. She had the opening day parade for softball and a softball game. Her little softball team this year is struggling, but she is still having a great time. Their best player left the team to play baseball, so it is going to be a long year. Regardless Kendal is getting an opportunity to play some key positions like pitcher and first base and hopefully improve!

This last weekend was her baptism weekend. We have the BEST family and friends. All three sets of Kendal's grandparents made the trip down to be at her baptism. She was so thrilled and definitely enjoyed having such great support. We kept everyone busy over the weekend not only with Kendal's baptism but as a warm-up they were all troopers and sat through Trey's first T-ball game and Kendal's softball game. Fortunately it was beautiful weather and everything ended on time so that we were able to get everything done that we needed to and wanted to.

Kendal's baptism was AWESOME!! (Kendal made sure that I added the explanation points) The ward and our friends turned out to support our sweet Kendal on her big day. Jeff's boss even was kind enough to come. Grandpa "G" gave an excellent talk on baptism and Grandma "G" gave a some great analogies to help Kendal better understand the gift of the Holy Ghost. After the actual baptism we had a few refreshments (brownies, fruit, veggies, and red velvet cupcakes) and then headed home for a fun relaxing evening spending time eating pizza and visiting with the grandparents! We are so proud of Kendal and the great decision she has made to be baptized.

Today at church Kendal was confirmed a member of the church and received the Holy Ghost. Jeff did the confirmation and also had the opportunity to speak in church. He did a great job on both.

Our softball player
Trey is much improved from last year!
Jeff is helping coach Trey's team this year.
Kendal playing during her 2nd grade program this week
Kendal at the opening day softball parade
A Chuck E. Cheese birthday party!

Kendal's account of her baptism (typed by Kendal):

I was VERY NERRVOUS. I LOVED THAT I COULD HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO be baptized. I loved the refreshment I had been asking for red velvet cupcakes. I loved the pizza it was yummy. I asked for pizza at little Caesars but they got it at pizza hut because Jeff likes it that way!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Year Update!

I received this great little gift over Christmas that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The only problem is it is not very condusive to blogging. I read blogs, but it isn't very easy to update my blog using my Kindle Fire. As such I am so behind on blogging I thought the best idea would just go through each of us individually and try to give updates of what each of us has been up to the last couple of months.

It is hard to believe that Bayley is already half way through the 5th grade. As I look at her and think about myself in 5th grade, I realize how grown up she is becoming. She really is starting to put it all together and I really do enjoy having her around. She is still my SUPER-READER. The only thing she asked for this Christmas was a Kindle and guess what Santa delivered with a Kindle Touch. She has loved her new gift and continually bugs me for new books to read. Fortunatley our library has a pretty good selection of Kindle books available for check out so I am not going broke keeping her in books. She continues to take Ballet and is enjoying her new dance studio. I am anxious to see her recital this coming June to see how she continues to develop as a dancer. Piano continues to come along. She has a great ear for the if we could only get her to practice she could be pretty good. She has an excellent teacher who is very patient with her and helps her to find music that is interesting and challenging for her. I love hearing her master a song and hope we can keep her interested. I know she won't regret it! Bayley and I have had a couple of nice bonding activities during the last couple of months. First I had the opportunity to accompany her on an all day field trip to Montgomery, Alabama. We had a great time visiting our state's capitol and other historic sites in that area. We also are currently bonding with basketball. I am coaching her 10-under girls team this winter and so far we are weathering the storm. Basketball is definitely not her favorite activity, but I think she is having a better time than she would ever admit. Our team is doing well (we are 4-2) and Bayley and I still like each other...all that really matters! This week Bayley and Jeff are headed on a 3-day overnight field trip to Camp McDowell. Bayley has looked forward to this "get away" field trip since we first moved here a couple of years ago. Hopefully they have a great time and have great weather!

Like her big sister, Kendal has also grown a ton this last year. She is having a great second grade year and has a perfect teacher for her. You can tell how much she likes her because she will come right home from school and round up Trey and Adison and take them to her room to play school. She has an entire routine planned for them and gives them homework and progress reports. She will someday make an excellent teacher and mother. It is definitely part of who she is. I also got to accompany Kendal on a field trip a couple of weeks ago to Golden Flake Chips factory. We had a good time watching how potato chips, cheese curls, and tortilla chips are made. It was very interesting and we got lots of yummy chips to taste and take home. She loves to have me visit her at school and I try to take advantage of her liking me as much as possible right now. Trey, Adison and I love to go and eat lunch with Kendal and her friends. Kendal is in her first year of piano and doing pretty well. She isn't sure she likes it all of the time, but we keep encouraging her to hang in there. She also is playing basketball and really enjoying it this year. She is good little player who doesn't lack in aggressiveness or hustle. She is extremely fiesty and Jeff and I compared her to Bill Lambier one game. She is our little athlete who is looking forward to her upcoming softball season once basketball ends. She would stay busy with sports year round if she could. Kendal's favorite Christmas gift was a new camera, which at this minute is missing. She is excited about planning her baptism which is only 2 months away and all of the fun things she gets to do when she turns 8 ( like get her ears pierced).

Trey has found his new favorite past time during the last couple of months....the Wii. He loves to play video games of any kind whether it be on my iphone, Kindle Fire, or his favorite the Wii. We have realized quickly how much he enjoys these things, so we have had to develop a very strict system of time limits and requirements to play video games. Otherwise I think he would spend all day every day in front of the television. He is very competitive and has been known to yell at others playing with or against him. There have been tears at time, but we consider these moments opportunities for growth. He has to clean his room, get dressed, eat breakfast and read me 2 books before he can have his 30 minutes of Wii time allotted a day. It is amazing how motivated he is to get these things done and he usually will be begging me to read with him at 7:15 am as soon as Bayley gets on the bus. He is doing excellent on reading and will be way ahead of where the girls were when they started kindergarten. He is so excited to be able to go to school this upcoming fall! Trey is also playing basketball this winter. He is one of the better players on his team, but for all the aggressiveness Kendal has, Trey is just about the exact opposite. Maybe as he figures out the game more that will develop but for now he is pretty content letting the ball come to him. He will probably play T-ball this spring and love hitting a lot more than fielding the ball. He will beg for a chance to hit whenever I am practicing with Kendal, but when we are playing catch he would rather sit that one out. I guess that comes with time. He is a great brother to his sisters, both older and younger, and we love having our little guy around!

If you ever wonder who runs this house, you don't have to look too much farther than our little Adison. She is everywhere and into everything. She is busy every waking hour and sometimes during the sleep hours. We have slowly tried to help her transition to being a "Big Girl" including taking away her pacifier, moving her from her crib to a toddler bed, and TRYING to potty train. So far she has adjusted well to life without her pacifier and most of the time she stays in bed well....we have found out she will sometime visit her brother and sisters in the middle of the night, but the potty training has been a bit of a struggle up to this point. She has NO desire to sit on the potty and would much rather do her business in her pants. I haven't been brave enough to go underwear only yet, which I think is probably the biggest problem. I need to get brave and get motivated so we can be diaperless!! Did I mention that Adison is into everything???? She can open ANYTHING, including supposedly child proof medicine bottles (fortunately this happened in front of me), nail polish bottles (Kendal's carpet tells the story), and the refrigerator (I hate having to lock myself out of the refrigerator, but there have been days). She loves to climb ANYTHING including the cabinets, my barstools, any chair, and she is good and fast. She still isn't talking very well and I am going to look into to speech therapy this week, however communicating what she wants is definitely not a problem. She gets what she gets when she throws a fit....I definitely give in a lot more than I did with the others. She is so darn cute though and we sure do love her! It would be the same around here without her great hugs, kisses, and prayers!

Jeff keeps busy keeping up with us plus the other responsibilities he has like work and church. He is enjoying his new calling on the High Council, but we sure do miss having him at church with us. Work is going well and he is looking forward to another great year with Pfizer. He is trully blessed to have a great job that he works hard at, but that allows him to be there for us as well as fulfill his church calling. His new hobby of late has been looking at guns. He was a hunter growing up and has caught the hunting bug once again. He hasn't purchased a gun yet, but has done a lot of searching. He is getting the kids excited about it and they are looking forward to shooting in the backyard with him once he gets his "range" set-up. He is a great daddy and does a great job supporting the rest of us!

Between basketball, dance, piano, preschool, callings and life I manage to stay plenty busy. I LOVE IT! I am enjoying a break from long distance running and have enjoyed our new membership at a brand new YMCA near our house. I have taken a couple of fun classes and quickly realized that running doesn't work all of the major muscle groups. Hopefully I am done with the soreness and can enjoy them a little more the second time around. I love my Kindle and being able to quickly check updates on my email, facebook and blogs, but it means I spend a whole lot less time at my computer. I know I will regret not having the weekly updates later so I am going to try to do better. We'll see!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where all your dreams come true!

This year we decided to give our kiddos memories rather than more stuff. Jeff and I told the kids that instead of presents we were going to take a family trip to Disneyworld this year. I found an awesome deal where we stayed on Disney property, had tickets to the theme parks for 6 days, and a free dining plan at Disney. It was the way to do a trip to Disney. When we go again, I am going to make sure to try to find a time where they are offering the free Dining plan. It was totally worth it. It was nice not to have to worry about food or how much we were spending on food. We took the girls out of school for a week and headed to Disney December 12-17. It was so much fun. Bayley had to write a report for school so that is what I am going to use to detail what we did while we were there. The pictures will tell the rest of the story.
My Trip to Disneyworld
The first thing I want to say is that it was very educational. Epcot was the most educational. It had all the worlds. We went to all the Disney parks ,there is Epcot,Disney world, Magic kigdom,Animal kingdom, and Hollywood studios. I am going to demonstrate all the different ways to log the thing that you do. Like one might be in a diary form and another might be in a story form.
Now a little info on my trip.
I spent 5 nights and 6 days.
I had $15.00 to spent.
I stayed at port Orleans-riverside.
I went to all the parks including downtown Disney.
I went to the pool {story on the lower half of the page}
The story of my brother getting lost.
I went from Monday -Saturday.
The story of my brother being lost at Epcot … I guess It started when we passed mouse gear .Mom told us after we rode mission space we could trade Vinylmations at Mouse gear. Then we went on mission space and we were playing in the fun room and I went to the shop and they traded vinymations so I told mom and she told us all that we should go trade. Trey thought that we meant at Mouse gear. We found him or the park members found him at the sea attractions area. It took only 5 minutes, but mom ,I think felt like it took eternity.
Monday, Dec,12 2011 diary form
We woke up at five o’clock .Mom said to get dressed and into the car. We traveled for 9 hours. We watched movies on the way. Then we checked in to our hotel and got to our room it had 2 queen beds and a fold out queen. Its about 2 o’clock . Then we went to the Disney park. We went to tomorrow land first and rode the race track first. I won out of the family. Then we got ice cream at auntie galactic ice cream parlor. After we did all the kid “rides”, laugh floor, Lilo and Stitch, and greet the characters. After we went on buzzlightyears ride. After that we went to liberty square to eat .I had shrimp and for dessert chocolate cake. After we saw the fireworks we went on the river tours. Then we went home and went to bed . Tuesday ,Dec13,2011
7:30 wake up
7:30-8:00 get dressed and eat
8:00-8:15 travel to park and check in
8:15-12:00 ride and get fast passes for soarin and test track. Ride then and mission space, the land, and the circle of life.
12:00-1:00 Ate at season’s
1;00-6:00 visit France,China,Norway,Mexico,America,Canada,e.c.t.
6:00-7:30 eat at a princess [character] dinner
7:30-8;00 travel to hotel
8:00 go to bed
8:00-12:00 sleep………………
story form
I woke up to the sound of crying. I quickly got into the shower and got dressed. After everyone got dressed we went to the car to go to Animal Kingdom. We rode the tram to the gates. Mom checked us in and got our tickets. We went in and headed to Asia to ride mount Everest. We walked right on. When we took off Kendal was shaking. When we got to the part were you go backwards she started to cry until the ride stopped. Me and my brother Trey went on it again. It was awesome……NO SUPERDUPER AWESOME. Then we went on the river rafting. Dad got wet like he had just been swimming in his clothes. Then we went on a bunch of walking tours, that had a bunch a of animals. We got to see tons of fish, monkeys, lions, prairie dogs, tigers, lots of birds,rhinoserous,hippos,antelopes,zebras,giraffes,ostriches,bats,snakes,and the one the only the……….SQUIRREL.Adison loved squirrels, and we saw tones of them. At 2:00 we went to the hotel pool. It had a themes in different sections .It also had a hottub,slide and other cool things .We stayed there till dinner. We went to the Cinderella dinner. It was a buffet. Then at 8:00 we went to bed. ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````Tuesday,Dec.15,2011 log form
8:00 wake up
8:00-9:00 eat and get dressed
9:00-9:15 travel to the park
9:30-1:00 ride rides including space mountain 1:00-2:00 eat burgers and fries
2:00-6:00 ride more rides
6:00-8:00 eat and go to bed Friday,Dec.15,2011
log form
8:00 wakeup
8:00-8:30 eat and get dressed
8:30-9:00 go to park and get tickets
9:00-1:00 ride rides including toy story
1:00-2;00 eat ribs
2:00-6:00 ride more rides
6:00-7:00 eat at buffet
7:00-7:30 go to American idol
7:30- 8:00 travel home and go to bed
Saturday,dec.17,2011 log form
8:00 wake up
8:00-9:00 eat, travel ,and get tickets
9;00-11;00 ride rides including planetary
11:00-1:00 eat at coral reef
1:00-11:00 travel home

I've run out of time posting pictures, but you get the idea...we had a great time!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

With Love Christmas Card
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween For a Week

Angel Bayley
Kimono Girl Kendal
Krazy Kendal and Crazy Trey
Free carousel Rides!
Waiting for the Haunted was a bit cold!

We enjoy holidays around here and any time we can stretch a holiday out over multiple days then we are all over it. Halloween seemed a lot like that this year. We had a different activity just about everyday during the week before Halloween. We attended a Halloween Party at the library, a Halloween Hayride at one of the local parks, our wards Trunk-or-Treat, and then we partied all day the actual day of Halloween. All of the activites were fun. All of the activites supplied us with too much candy. And all of the activities were FREE! I am all about free and there were a ton of freebies to be had during the week of Halloween. They included a free meal at Zaxby's, free carousel ride at the mall, and tons of free candy. We got tons of candy and have been enjoying the spoils for the last couple of weeks. Bayley came up with her own costume this year and used her recital dress to make a great angel costume. Kendal was excited about being a Kimono girl. Trey loved the chicken costume...I need to write it down because I have a feeling in the future he may doubt that he really wanted to wear that costume. And Adison used the bee costume that all of the girls have worn at least one year and was adorable as ever. She especially loved all of the candy and spooky festivities. It was another great kickoff to the fun holiday season.